We all listen, in one form or another. It’s the stories that compel us to listen. Here’s why stories – and the folks who bring them to us – are worth listening to. [it_bb_audio id=280 /]

A New Facebook Goal – 100 LIKES by Monday

Back on June 11 – only 12 days ago – we were looking for a goal of 30 Facbook “LIKE” clicks on our page. Today, Sunday the 23rd, we are very grateful for all the support we’ve had in only 12 days. Happy to report that we now have 97 new...

Free Webinar – Get On The Air – Wednesday June 26

Prometheus Radio Project is hosting a free webinar entitled “Get On The Air! Community Radio For Social Justice.” It’s free to anyone and you get to listen in from the comfort and convenience of your home! Here’s the link with information to...

Military Radio News

Perhaps you’re interested in serving those who protect and serve us. You could do a radio program that focuses on the US military and veterans. As an example, listen to this podcast from Air Force Radio News. [it_bb_audio id=269 /]