Recording Telephone Interviews

Here’s a great (and long) article on how to record an interview using the telephone. Worth reading through if you are considering producing a program from home. Recording Phone Calls

Internet Radio Wiki

Just when you thought you saw them all. Hop on over to this wiki that lists radio stations from all over the world. Just be certain to surf safely! Internet Station Wiki

Lee DeForest 1873-1961

Credited with being the “father of Ameri­can radio.” DeForest was a direct competitor to Marconi at the turn of the century (1899), when he was the chief scien­tist at the U.S.’s first radio firm- American Wireless Tele­phone and Telegraph- until...

Edwin H. Armstrong 1890-1954

This WWI Army officer, Columbia University engineering professor, and creator of FM radio invented the regenerative circuit, the first amplifying receiver and reliable continuous-wave transmitter; and the superheterodyne circuit, a means of receiving, converting and...