Ideas From Facebook

We are seeing ideas roll in on how we can use a community radio station. The following list comes from Facebook fan @Jim Albrycht and is re-posted with his permission:  + Be sure you take full advantage of the mobile and fixed broadband Internet capabilities around...

New Page On Web Site

Here’s an interesting new page on our web site. We will explore the history of radio. Check out that page here:

Radio World: AM Proposals Get FCC Airing

Then, there’s always AM radio. Looks like ClearChannel wants a piece of that action too. Or maybe it already has it? Hmmmm…have to keep an eye on this. Radio World: AM Proposals Get FCC...

Keepers of the valley | The Recorder

How about a radio show featuring the history of  Swift River Valley?  Here’s a link to a great article by Richie Davis for The Recorder. Keepers of the valley | The...

What Is Local Content?

What is local content? Local content is material conceptualized, produced, and packaged by people using their own instruments (languages,values, beliefs).