Spoken Word Radio

How about doing a Spoken Word radio program. Our region is certainly rich with writers, authors and poets. Here’s a link to a web site that archives spoken word radio. As the site says, “AudioBookRadio.net is a free internet radio station broadcasting a...

Basic Podcasting Gear

An interesting article on the nuts and bolts of gear needed to create a podcast. Basic Podcasting Gear

American Radio History

Here’s a link to a website devoted to American radio history. It’s really cool to read some of the magazine and periodicals from way back when radio began to flourish in this country and in the world. History buffs will enjoy this site! American Radio...

Radio Station Construction Costs

Are you a numbers nerd? Well, since you asked, here’s a general guide to the costs involved in implementing a new LPFM radio project. Are you an accountant? Do you LOVE LOVE LOVE budgets? Then maybe this is your niche. Join us and help us crunch the numbers!...

Recording Telephone Interviews

Here’s a great (and long) article on how to record an interview using the telephone. Worth reading through if you are considering producing a program from home. Recording Phone Calls