Internet Radio Wiki

Just when you thought you saw them all. Hop on over to this wiki that lists radio stations from all over the world. Just be certain to surf safely! Internet Station Wiki

Just What Is A Podcast?

This article on the How Stuff Works site describes what a podcast is and how to create one. Since A•O Radio will be archiving all our programming, it’s a good idea to read up. So much potential for a wide reach with an internet radio station. How Podcasting...

iTunes Radio

Have you ever listened to iTunes Radio? Here’s a link to an easy article (for dummies!) on how iTunes Radio works. It is free, but that being said, there are plans afoot by Apple to change the service. So check this out and we’ll see if iTunes Radio is...

Streaming Radio Guide

Here’s an interesting link to a web site that registers all FCC licensed radio stations that also stream their programming on the web. Radio Stations Streaming On The Internet

Build A Home Studio

Here’s a great article on how to create your own sound booth at home to record your programming. Yes, you too can do a radio show, in your jammies at 2:00 a.m. in the comfort and convenience of your home. Check it out! Voice Recording In The Home...