Most people know that the “ology” refers to the study of something. It derives from the Latin and Greek – logia and logie, a combining form to indicate the science or study of. It also includes the connective vowel “o” which is used to create combining forms. Radiology is a different word, and who knows if there is a word to indicate the study of radio. We’re calling it radio-ology, the study of radio.

Maybe that’s more than you needed to know. But our site will contain a series of interesting links and articles gleaned from internet research. The aim is to explore radio, study it’s history and look at how it has evolved.

As with anything out in the www, take these links as simply offerings, with no guarantee of accuracy. All the links featured here are the work of other folks and all credit goes to them. Attribution will be included when possible.

So click on the RADIO OLOGY LINKS on the nav bar at the top of the page. There’s some interesting reading.